From Spain to Bulgaria, from Italy to the UK via Belgium, France and Romania, a diverse group of European organisations were eager to pool their efforts and enthusiasm to make a success of this project. To share the joy of setting up various activities (workshops, master classes, concerts, publications, etc.) to promote the heritage of Romani Music. Geared to appeal to a very broad audience, a far cry from the stereotypes, biases and preconceptions, our aim is to encourage today’s Romani to take pride in their own culture.

Excerpt from “Le sillon des Roms” Jorge Chaminé


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International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation IYMF, Belgium

Give a voice to the voiceless

Created by Lord Yehudi Menuhin, one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) has been set up as an international non-profit making association in 1991 in Brussels. The mission of the IYMF is to encourage the awareness, expression and recognition of cultural minorities, to uphold the role of the arts in society, and promote the European values, in order to build enduring bridges among cultures.




Art-Activ, Romania

Create educational alternatives

Founded in 2012, the Art-Activ Association is a nongovernmental organization whose mission is to provide educational and cultural programs and services to meet community’s needs, in order to increase the access and participation of Romani citizens to the socio-cultural life, ensuring the right of equal opportunities, promotion and support of a multicultural society and of the intercultural dialogue.



European Roma Information Office, Belgium

Protection and promotion of Roma fundamental rights

The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is an international advocacy organisation founded in 2003 and based in Brussels. ERIO promotes political and public discussion on Roma issues by providing factual and in-depth information on a range of policy issues to European Union institutions, Roma civil organisations, governmental authorities and intergovernmental bodies.



ETP Slovensko, Slovakia

Trust in the possibility of positive changes

ETP’s mission is to foster integration of the Roma through individual and community capacity- building. ETP creates bridges among experts and communities by “bridgebuilding” human, social and economic capital in socially disadvantaged communities and helps to transform deprived communities into lifelong learning communities.



The Mosaic Art And Sound Ldt, United-Kingdom

Music, an art and a science

The Mosaic Art and Sound Ltd. is a private company that organizes classical and traditional music festivals as well as educational courses and seminars on music. Mosaic worked on cultural projects connected to humanitarian aims through music. It was the coordinator of a project on the research about the effects of sound and music on the human being and the environment, and how to use them to enhance intuitive intelligence.



Logo MUS-E Napoli

MUS-E Napoli, Italy

MUS-E Napoli is an association engaged primarily with children who live in situations of marginalization and social disadvantage. The activities of the Association take place during school hours and contribute to develop the culture of integration through the love of art and music in particular.

The MUS-E Italy supports immigrants, Roma and non-Roma: working together to explore the art and works for the integration of children in the schools and in the society.



Sons-Croisés, France

Expanding young artists’ knowledge

Sons Croisés is a French association created and under the direction of Jorge Chaminé. The association is well known for its artistic workshops that are privileged place of Parisian musical life.The workshops are the results of an artistic experiment carried on during several years and are dedicated to musicians who want to strengthen their professional skills. More than 400 musicians from around the world have participated to the workshops aimed at expanding young artists’ knowledge and developing their talents in contact with other musicians belonging to different cultural traditions and most of them have pursued a successful international career.


logo DNA

Union Romani, Spain

Together we can make it

The Spanish Union Romani is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, which aim is to defend the rights of the Romani community. Union Romani co-operates with the “International Union Romani” for the recognition of the culture of the Romani people, as an asset within the global culture. The Spanish Union Romani is a genuinely Romani organisation, managed by the Romani people themselves.

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