6. References of Documentaries and Movies




Title Le violon de siécle
DirectorDate Yehudi Menuhin
Description Recorded at Lord Menuhin’s home in Greece, Yehudi Menuhin tells us his life, which is the music of a century history.
Other interesting information Available versions   : EN, FRProduction : © Idéale Audience / La Sept – Arte / Imalyre – Groupe France Télécom / INA


You can download the video from the next link:


Web link http://fr.medici.tv/#!/yehudi-menuhin-le-violon-du-siecle




Title The Mind of Music
DirectorDate Michael R. Lawrence
Description An exploration of the magical force of music in the lives of human beings. Yehudi Menuhin comments on the universality of the musical experience and the challenges of performance. Gunther Schuller shares his ideas about the mysteries of the creative process, while Dr. Lewis Thomas speculates that music may describe the actual operation of consciousness. George Rochberg reveals his innermost thoughts about the nature of music and the art of composition.
Other interesting information Casting: among the others, Yehudi Menuhin , Gunther Schuller, Lewis Thomas
Web link http://www.mlfilms.com/productions/mind_of_music





Title Cigarety a pesničky
DirectorDate Marek Šulík and Jana Kovalčíková
Description Documentary movie shows one week long meeting during which singers and musicians met in Evangelical Church in Veľký Slávkov and recorded CD afterPhurikane. Apart from traditional, but less known Roma music, movie portrays social context of singers’ lives and intimate picture of Roma emotional world. It is a realistic, vivid and positive portrait of Roma minority.
Other interesting information
Web link Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu0AIgoKeuo&feature=relatedDVD available at: http://www.zudro.sk/?page_id=731




Title Cinka Panna
DirectorDate Dusan Rapos
Description The most famous Romani lead violinist named Cinka Panna who lived in 18th century. She came from a Romani community characterized by its own social rules and played mainly for rich feudal society. She was a young woman with desire to succeed in traditionally male role of a lead violinist.
Other interesting information
Web link Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip5hyOejhXk





Title Latcho Drom
DirectorDate Tony Gatlif
Description The film is a journey from India to Spain through the music of Romani people settled in each country
Other interesting information
Web link




Title When the road bends. Tales of a Gypsy Caravan
DirectorDate Jasmine Dellal
Description Music documentary which joins in a tour different Romani musicians coming from different countries and styles such as Esma Redzepova, Antonio El Pipa, Taraf de Haidouks or Stevo Teodosievski
Other interesting information
Web link http://www.gypsycaravanmovie.com/





Title Herencia Flamenca
DirectorDate Michael Meert
Description Documentary about the history and the present of “Familia Habichuela”, one of the Romani families better known in the world of Flamenco
Other interesting information
Web link





Title Rito y geografía del cante
DirectorDate José María Velázquez-Gaztelu
Description Spanish TV series which explains and shows flamenco and its most relevant artists in the 70s
Other interesting information
Web link Free access at:http://www.rtve.es/television/rito-geografia-cante/





Title Los tarantos
DirectorDate Rovira Beleta
Description Last movie starring Carmen Amaya. The film, nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language, moves ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to the Romani world, using dance and flamenco as a guideline.
Other interesting information
Web link





Title Blanco y Negro. Bebo & Cigala en vivo.
DirectorDate Fernando Trueba
Description The DVD contains a live concert of Bebo Valdés and Diego el Cigala held in Mallorca 2003
Other interesting information
Web link


Title Flamenco, de Carlos Saura
DirectorDate Carlos Saura
Description The film presents thirteen rhythms of flamenco, each with song, guitar, and dance. The most relevant flamenco artists of the moment (90s) took part in this film
Other interesting information
Web link




Title Flamenco, Flamenco, de Carlos Saura
DirectorDate Carlos Saura
Description Sequel of the now legendary ‘Flamenco’, focuses on the new values and trends of the genre, but without forgetting the current masters.
Other interesting information
Web link





Title Gadjo Dilo
DirectorDate Tony Gatlif
Description A french man is looking for a gipsy singer he had heard on cassette. He finds much more when coming in the singer’s country to look for him.
Other interesting information Most of the film was shot at the village of Creţuleşti some kilometers from Bucharest and some of the actors are local.
Web link





Title La Vida Breve de Manuel de Falla
DirectorDate José Antonio / Ballet Nacional de Espana
Description One of the most famous choreographies of the Vida Breve, work most influenced by Flamenco and Roma Music
Other interesting information
Web link http://youtu.be/S4YeQp2aXZE





Title The Gypsy Culture: a Mysterious World for a Possible Inclusion
Description documentary
Other interesting information
Web link https://gitansculture.wordpress.com/videos/


Title Ivan and Abraham
DirectorDate Yolande Zauberman
Other interesting information
Web link


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