Title World Roma festival Khamoro
Author Language
Cezch and English
Description / Summary Yearly festival. The Khamoro Festival includes Romani traditional music and introduces also interpreters of the contemporary Romani music and the world-known gypsy jazz, as it was particularly the mixture of traditional and modern elements and avoidance of stereotype, which the Festival was endowed with by its founders. Namely for this reason, the Festival has never concentrated only on music and dancing as this would foster the deep-rooted preconceptions on the Roma being nothing more than brilliant musicians. The basic concept of the Festival is to present everything that the Roma culture brings to the world, and thus connect people.
Web link http://www.khamoro.cz/index.php/en
Other interesting information Office of festival KHAMORO 2013 Francouzská 2, 120 00 Praha 2, Česká republika Phone: +420 222 518 554, fax: +420 222 520 037 e-mail:   festivalkhamoro@gmail.com www.khamoro.cz   CONTACTS FOR MEDIA Denisa Tišerová press agent tel.: +420 739 960 322, +420 222 522 070 e-mail:   pr.slovo21@email.cz


Title Voice Workshops by Ida Kelarova
Author Language Ida Kelarova
Cezch, English, Roma
Description / Summary Songs have a magical energy and are considered as jewels for the Romany culture. While inspiring and releasing the creativity, Roma songs also give you a better understanding of Roma gypsies’ life, traditions, culture and feeling of belonging. Roma songs can teach how to free our voices, giving us the opportunity to explore an unknown culture while working on your own personal development.
Web link http://kelarova.com/en/voice-workshops
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Title Discogs website
Author Language Zink Media, Inc.
Description / Summary Discog website releases in all genres and on all formats, it is especially known as one of the largest online databases ofelectronic music releases, and of releases on vinyl media. It contains a list of 1326 CD   Vinyl, Album etc of Roma Music
Web link http://www.discogs.com/search/?style_exact=Romani&page=1
Other interesting information It is a short for discographies, a website and database of information about audio recordings, including commercial releases, promotional releases, and bootleg or off-label releases. The Discogs servers, currently hosted under the domain name discogs.com, are owned by Zink Media, Inc.


Title Romani Internet Radio
Author Language Ján Čonka – Popala
Slovak and Romani languge
Description / Summary Slovak Roma Internet Radio plays different types of Roma music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It contains information on various Roma-related events in Slovakia, short Roma music videos, photo galleries, and festivals. In addition, it is a very complex source on Roma-related topics including Roma music, Roma symbols, Roma history and Roma cuisine.
Web link http://www.gipsy.sk
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Title Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival
Author Language
Description / Summary Annual Flamenco Festival in France which hosts a program of flamenco dancing, singing and playing “faithful to the tradition of pure flamenco, while exploring the ways of modernity”.
Web link http://arteflamenco.landes.org/
Other interesting information Annual Festival. Approximate dates: From June 30th to July 5th


Title La Bienal de Flamenco Festiva
Author Language
Description / Summary La Bienal is the biggest flamenco event worldwide. Every two years, Sevilla becomes the place to be for all flamenco fans and professionals
Web link http://www.labienal.com/en/
Other interesting information Biannual Festival. Approximate dates: From September 12th to October 5th


Title Festival del Cante de las Minas de La Unión
Author Language
Description / Summary The Festival is presented as ‘the world’s largest annual flamenco event’, and it’s held every August since 1961 in the city of La Union.
Web link http://www.regmurcia.com/servlet/s.Sl?sit=a,0,c,0,m,0&r=AgP-22570-DETALLE_EVENTO
Other interesting information Annual Festival. Approximate dates: From 6th to 16th of August


Title Museu Virtual del Poble Gitano de Catalunya
Author Language Rromane Siklǒvne (Romani Organisation)
Description / Summary Online museum of Romani culture in Catalonia. You can find there different information, from history to music. It has good articles about Romani music in Spain and Catalonia.
Web link http://www.museuvirtualgitano.cat/ca/
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Title Flamenco Festival
Author Language
Description / Summary It’s a Flamenco Festival which is held in different cities of the world every year, bringing the most relevant flamenco artists around the world.
Web link http://www.flamencofestival.org/eng/
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Title Le jours simples (poems   ISBN : 2-86853-270-5)
Author Language Jean-Marie Kerwich
Description / Summary A collection of poems written by Jean Marie Kerwich
Web link http://revue-secousse.fr/Secousse-02/Carte-blanche/Sks02-Kerwich-Anthologie.pdf
Other interesting information Born in Paris in 1952, Jean –Marie Kerwich is an itinerant poet of a Romani family.   Jean-Marie Kerwich is also the author of:   “L’Ange qui boîte”, Temps qu’il fait, 2005 that Jean Grosjean has compared to the prayers of Saint Francis of Assis l’Evangile du Gitan Mercure de France, 2008 that Christian Bobin has commented : “On découvre un texte comme celui-ci deux ou trois fois par siècle. Dans les bons siècles”. For more information: http://www.la-croix.com/Culture/Actualite/Jean-Marie-Kerwich-le-Gitan-choisi-par-la-poesie-_NG_-2008-12-26-681894 http://bibliobs.nouvelobs.com/romans/20081016.BIB2199/le-livre-qui-manquait-a-la-bible.html


Title Divano Production
Author Language
Description / Summary Divano Production started its activities by discovering and presenting the famous gypsy bands Taraf de Haïdouks from Romania and Kocani Orkestar from Macedonia.   Divano Production (formerly Mukalo) has always promoted a very special kind of traditional music: music for parties and weddings, music that is performed by local minority groups who pass down their indigenous musical traditions through generations. Unlike folk music, this traditional music is always living, always performed – still today – during local festivities and in everyday life.   The aim is to promote traditional music from all over the world. The activity includes concerts and tours around the world, co-edition of records, participation in the making of movie sound tracks, conception of special projects including various bands, and more.
Web link http://www.divanoprod.com/
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