Music4ROM workshop arrived in Barcelona!

Building Flamenco DrumsLast January the Music4rom workshop began in Barcelona. The High School Cristòfol Colom has welcomed our project with great enthusiasm. Every Wednesday morning, the first grade students participate in the proposed activities. At the beginning, participants discovered the richness of the Romani music, knowing different music styles in Europe and its common characteristics. Then we moved into the world of Flamenco and pupils started to build Flamenco drums (Cajón Flamenco), learn to play them, and a group of participants started to learn to play the guitar. The ultimate goal is to create various musical pieces based on popular music, adding them Romani musical nuances.

The workshop has attracted so much interest that we have extended the planned hours in extra school time. And it has not only motivated students, but the school teachers also participate in the workshop in their free time learning to play Romani music with their students and improving its relations with the Romani community in the neighbourhood!

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